Athambia Academy


Challenge from Round 1:
Make the scale of the Academy appropriate to a Magic set. Explore other "wizard school" tropes in addition to the dueling.



Mechanical Themes


  • Choose your Major
  • Level Up (possible twists: "tap" level up costs; "when ~ attacks, put a level counter on it")
  • Auras
  • Lots of Auras
  • Creatures that like being targeted by your own spells.
  • An instant or sorcery that you can "equip" or "teach" somehow to creatures.
  • Teach [cost] ([cost]: exile this from your hand taught to target creature. Whenever that creature attacks, you may cast a copy of this from exile without paying its mana cost)
  • Enchantment "Lessons" like Zendikar's "Quests" - achieve a condition to gain a static or repeatable effect
  • Knowledge counters - use them to unlock abilities or strengthen pupils.
  • Familiars - soulbound animals which wizards use as pets.
  • Add your mechanic here!


  • Spellshapers
  • Splice into Arcane, Splice into Instant/Sorcery
  • Storm
  • Alternate costs: "you may tap an untapped [color] creature rather than pay ~'s mana cost"
  • Add your mechanic here!


  • A creature that adds a keyword like first strike to another creature.
  • Creatures that enhance your spells somehow (such as a Pyromancy teacher that adds +1 damage to damage spells).
  • Tutors, whether Idyllic or Diabolic
  • Add your mechanic here!

Animal Training

  • Build-your-own creature, Simic genetic experimenting
  • Add your mechanic here!

Enchantment block

  • Basically combine the Sephorgia and Athambia pitches (possibly throwing in the Ethereal mechanic). Sephorgia provides us our mechanical pitch (enchantment block), and Athambia is our flavor pitch (Magical education).

Tomes, Wands, Potions, Owl Familiars, etc.

  • Add your mechanic here!

Add your mechanical theme here! (Research, dueling, shape-shifting, alchemy, etc.)

Individual Card Designs

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