Athambia Academy Round 2 Proposal By Antny

I felt it was fair to throw a bit of love this sets way. The ideas here are pretty much all my own since I wasn’t sure of major mechanical themes from the set, so I have pitched an idea (knowledge counters) and the ideas for 4 different houses within the school. Obviously the houses could be increased, decreased or radically altered but my view was that each house would have a unique mechanic for gaining knowledge for their identity and be colour neutral – i.e. while I’ve designed a common Vraka pupil for white they would have red pupils, black pupils etc.

Varaka Duellist
Human Wizard
[Name] has vigilance if it has 5 or more knowledge counters.
Battletrained (When [Name] attacks place a knowledge counter on it)
“Varaka house believed there was only one way to learn how to use magic and that was to fight with it.”

Galen Shieldmage
Cat Cleric
T: prevent the next X damage dealt to target creature this turn, where X is the number of knowledge counters on [Name].
Spelltrained – (Whenever you cast a spell, if its CMC is higher than the number of knowledge counters on [Name] place a knowledge counter on [Name].)
“Galen students would watch their masters and learn from seeing the most powerful spells cast before their eyes.”

Gardnowrum Beastseeker
Rhox Druid
[Name] gets +0/+1 for each knowledge counter on it.
Wildtrained – (Whenever another creature enters the battlefield if its power is greater than the number of knowledge counters on [Name], place a knowledge counter on [Name].)
“Only after repeated assertions from the school governors did Gardnowrum house stop making first years face large animals, as it separated the youngsters into groups with potential to be great beast hunters and groups with groups with the potential to be a Terastodon’s supper.”

Caerulon Javiliner
Human Soldier
[Name] enters the field with two knowledge counters on it.
T: [Name] deals X damage to target attacking creature, where X is the number knowledge counters on name.
Booktrained –( During your upkeep if the number of cards in your hand is greater or equal to the number of knowledge counters on [Name], place a knowledge counter on [Name].)
“Alfred often dreamed of the day where his careful research and note taking on the art of throwing could finally be put into practice.”

Scroll of Serra
4, t: Place a knowledge counter on target white creature with the least amount of knowledge counters on it. (If more than one creature has the least number of knowledge counters you may choose one to target. This ability may target an opponent’s creature.)
“Struggling students could something find solace in the teachings and memoirs of legendary planeswalkers of the past.”

Studious Nature
Enchantment – Aura
Whenever enchanted creature gains a knowledge counter, it gains twice that many knowledge counters instead.

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