Fading Shadow S 3 Proposals For Round 2 Unsubmitted

If I were to submit, for the red commons I would submit this:


Viashino Ambushers 2R
Creature – Viashino
First strike
~ cannot attack or block unless another creature has entered the battlefield during your last main phase.
They stay still on the dunes, waiting their brethren to lure the enemies towards them, or even better the hapless pilgrims to fall upon them

Desert’s shimmer 2R
Until end of turn, creatures you control cannot be blocked by only one creature
When Rha’s will burns the most, twine your vigils or be lost

Soh’s Scarabs 1RR
Creature Insect
We still do not know which removes the flesh from the bones faster: being naked in a sandstorm or being disrespectful to Soh

Rah’s gaze 3RR
Rah’s gaze deals 5 damage to target creature.
Rah’s law is of the many against the few.

Sandsworn fighter 1R
Creature viashino
Afterlife : combat. When this champion dies, exile it. If it was dealt combat damage this turn, you can add RR in your mana pool at the beginning of your next main phase.
The oath to the sands brings a solitary life, yet at its end brings prosperity to the tribe

Sandtribe’s tithe 3R
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gain delay (whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, creature spells he would cast on his next turn cost 1 more)
Each caravan must pay the tithe, be it in time, in goods or in blood.


River trader 3U
Creature Crocodile
Whenever river trader deals combat damage to an opponent, he may draw a card. If he does you may draw two cards.
The secret of the river traders is to always trade you what you need for twice what it cost them to acquire it

Pilgrim of Thoh 2U
Creature Bird
Afterlife: knowledge. When this creature dies, exile it. If you have in your hand 2 or more cards than an opponent, you may draw two cards.
The priests of Thoh either stay in temples and consign the knowledge, or travel wide and far to gather it

River’s flood 1U
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant opponent’s land
Enchanted land is an island.
When ~ comes into play, you may draw a card.
The flood brings disaster but can also bring prosperity to all

Erasing the name 1U
Return target non-land permanent to its owner’s hand
Only the priests know how to write the names of things and capture its Ka. They will erase a name only to remove a danger to their temple

Sacred Hippopotami 4U
Creature Beast
Free as the Hippopotami -proverb of Ank-Theb

Pharaoh’s Chronicler 1U
Creature bird priest
Whenever a creature with afterlife dies, you may sacrifice ~. If you do, draw a card
Assigned to the future ruler from birth, they catalogue everything he does, then follow him to his afterlife, to present it to the gods


Oasis truce 1G
Prevent all combat damage this turn
Water in the desert is so rare, all agree that risking to soil it with blood is unthinkable

Loxodon river priest 3U
Creature Elephant
Fertility - At the end of your first main phase, if all your lands are tapped ~ gets +2/+2
The priests will protect, with their lives if necessary, the natural temples that flourish during the fertility season

Growth of Khmer 4G
Target creature gains +2/+2 and trample.
For each creature tapped to pay for its convoke cost, it gets an additional +2/+2.
The prayers of his faithful gave Ranset the strength to withstand the mummies curse, break its tomb and retrieve the second table of Khmer

Desert roses 1G
Creature - Plant
Afterlife: combat. When this champion dies, exile it. If it was dealt combat damage this turn, you can add GGG in your mana pool at the beginning of your next main phase.
Often confused with stones shaped by the wind the desert roses are one of the few organisms able to harness the heat of the sun.

Sandspider 2GG
Creature - Spider
~ gets +1/+1 if your opponent controls a creature with flying.
The sandspider does not spin a web. It uses its silk threads like a whip to snatch its pray from the skies

Sanddune Elemental 5G
Creature – Elemental
Unmovable yet unstoppable. What am I? –Ank-Theb riddle

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