Fading Shadows Round 2 Proposal - Sephorgia

The world is Sephorgia, and I present red common cards

Mutagen Fanatic - 2R
Creature Human
As long as your opponent controls an enchanted creature, ~ gets +1/+1 and haste
They destroyed the plane and now think they have the right to "live and restore" Sephorgia? Let their blood restore it then!

Mutagen Mob - 5R
Creautre Human
Affinity for opponent's enchantments
Haste, Trample
Hunting down the carriers of the plague is the best way to forget the hunger and misery.

Fury shielding -1R
Enchantment- Aura
Enchant enchantment
Enchanted enchantment gains first strike.
The imbued creatures used to be used for entertainment. Sometimes that was theater, other times, cage fighting.

Seal of fire R
Sacrifice Seal of Fire: Seal of Fire deals 2 damage to target creature or player.
On a world already scortched, an unbroken seals of fire can give stop to the charge of even the most vehement Mutagen Maniacs

Enchanted Hulk 3R
Enchantment Creature
The Hulks, proportionaly before the event, are now more frequent sightings than livestock.

Hatefire 4R
Hatefire deals 5 damage to each enchanted creature.
The Mutagen Sensors are able to find the carriers of the plague from leagues away.

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