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Monument # (~ enters the battlefield with # Monument counters. ~ is indestructible as long as it has monument counter on it. Whenever you are dealt damage, remove that many monument counters from this artifact as well. When ~ has no monument counter sacrifice it)
by: Antny223Antny223
12 Dec 2012 12:30
When ~ dies, mummify it (exile it and put a 0/1 colorless mummy creature token onto the battlefield)
by: elektriktoadelektriktoad
19 Nov 2012 21:03
17 by Jay TreatJay Treat
09 Dec 2012 03:18 Jump!
From my initial pitch of Ankh-Theb, I envisioned laws that rule how you got to the afterlife: these are special rarity cards (like timeshifted and DFCs) that impact limmited game choises.
by: Fading shadowsFading shadows
07 Dec 2012 13:32
6 by HavelockVHavelockV
08 Dec 2012 04:21 Jump!
At the beginning of your upkeep, put a growth counter on ~. Remove three growth counters: effect
by: elektriktoadelektriktoad
25 Nov 2012 18:21
by: ChahChah
15 Nov 2012 14:39
13 by ChahChah
25 Nov 2012 17:17 Jump!
Afterlife — When this becomes exiled, <effect>. If this would leave the battlefield, exile it instead.
by: ChahChah
15 Nov 2012 02:03
6 by Agent CirceusAgent Circeus
20 Nov 2012 20:52 Jump!
(You may have this enter the battlefield with a triad counter. This permanent has no other abilities unless you control exactly three permanents each with a triad counter.)
by: ChahChah
15 Nov 2012 01:46
16 by Jay TreatJay Treat
20 Nov 2012 18:21 Jump!
(Until your next turn, that creature cannot be the target of spells or abilities)
by: ChahChah
15 Nov 2012 01:33
6 by jacobmunfordjacobmunford
20 Nov 2012 16:16 Jump!
(<cost>, Sacrifice a creature you control with the same converted mana cost as this creature: Return this creature from your graveyard to the battlefield.)
by: ChahChah
15 Nov 2012 01:09
4 by HavelockVHavelockV
19 Nov 2012 16:52 Jump!
Reincarnate — When this dies, you may pay <cost>. If you do, return this to the battlefield from the graveyard transformed.
by: ChahChah
15 Nov 2012 01:18
2 by ChahChah
15 Nov 2012 01:19 Jump!
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