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Learn - When this spell resolves, exile it. Remember - You may cast a spell you own from exile without paying its mana cost, then put it into its owner's graveyard.
by: George GoneGeorge Gone
22 Nov 2012 03:42
2 by Jay TreatJay Treat
22 Nov 2012 18:23 Jump!
ex) Whenever this attacks, put a level counter on it.
by: ChahChah
17 Nov 2012 19:03
7 by HavelockVHavelockV
19 Nov 2012 23:10 Jump!
(<cost>: exile this from your hand taught to target creature you control. Whenever that creature attacks, you may cast a copy of this without paying its mana cost.)
by: elektriktoadelektriktoad
17 Nov 2012 17:32
5 by HavelockVHavelockV
18 Nov 2012 16:41 Jump!
<cost>, T: The next time you cast a spell this turn, <effect>
by: elektriktoadelektriktoad
17 Nov 2012 18:11
3 by ChahChah
17 Nov 2012 18:50 Jump!
Attack triggers
by: elektriktoadelektriktoad
17 Nov 2012 18:08
You may tap an untapped creature you control that share's a color with this rather than pay ~’s mana cost)
by: elektriktoadelektriktoad
17 Nov 2012 18:06
by: elektriktoadelektriktoad
17 Nov 2012 17:51
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