Challenge from Round 1:
Find straightforward, elegant mechanics that fit together well. Focus on the parts that say "Wild West," and trim back the stuff that doesn't. As a standalone set, hinting at an Eldrazi invasion isn't enough; show the villains.



Western Tropes

  • Every video game ever has a "minecart" level. Is there a way to Magicify thaty?
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Magic things that feel oddly Western

  • Viashino
  • Baloth ranchers
  • A powerful clan of Vampire land-owners
  • Tibalt, a band of rogues, fiends, and outlaws riding Hellhounds instead of horses
  • Gruff Dwarven heroes and villagers
  • An Angel in human form — a drifting gunslinger with a halo above his head (an idea from the GDS2).
  • Spell-guns (Wands with triggers?)
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Mechanical Themes

  • Duel at High Noon
    • Based on high/low CMC: "Duel an opponent. (Each player in the duel draws a card, then permanently reveals an unrevealed card from hand. A player who revealed a card with higher converted mana cost wins the duel.)"
    • Based on matching/non-matching card types: "Duel an opponent. (To duel, you each draw a card and then choose a card from your hand. Reveal them. If the card you chose shares no card types with your opponent’s, you win the duel. Discard the chosen cards.)"

(These are based on the duel or showdown mechanic by Daniel Williams in the Great Designer Search 2.)

  • Gold Counters 
    • "You gain a gold counter. (Gold counters may be spent as colorless mana or life payments.)"
  • Quickdraw
    • "Quick-Draw—Reveal ~ from your hand: Target creature gets +2/+0 or -2/-0 until end of turn. (Play this ability only once. This card stays revealed.)"

* Hideaway - (This land enters the battlefield tapped. When it does, look at the top four cards of your library, exile one face down, then put the rest on the bottom of your library)

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Individual Card Designs

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