Frontier Challenge From Round 1

"The main idea of Cowboys vs. Eldrazi is exciting enough to outweigh some of the suboptimal executions in this submission. The Western genre is definitely fruitful ground for a set, as demonstrated by the GDS2. Prospecting for gold counters is a great fit, particularly since gold can buy you Eldrazi. Land-specific landfall is also a reasonable choice, although it's less obvious how it fits into the Western theme. But a lot of the other ideas simply aren't practical or resonant. This set needs to find some straightforward, elegant mechanics that fit together well. Focus on the parts that say "Wild West", and trim back the stuff that doesn't. Also, recall that this is meant to be standalone set, not the first set in a block. Hinting at an Eldrazi invasion isn't going to suffice; the villains will have to be onstage."

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