How Can Eldrazi And Cowboys Feel Connected

One way of connecting Cowboys and Eldrazi flavor-wise:

The Cowboys are immigrants to a new world. It may be an unexplored continent within their home plane, or it may be a new plane that they immigrated to through a portal that they have discovered. They discover a vast wasteland containing some extremely rare minerals.

Little do they know that the "wasteland" was previously a lush land, perhaps even a part of Zendikar, that was sucked mostly dry of life and mana by the Eldrazi. The minerals are leftover products created when an Eldrazi devours the mana of a world. Fortunately, the Eldrazi were put to sleep before they completely destroyed the land, and they now lie dormant beneath the deep canyons. That place (and the set) could be called Doom Canyon.

- Chah

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