Challenge from Round 1:
Find a completely new flavor: attack these themes from an angle that feels different from Zendikar's "adventure world," which may mean changing what the set is about. Also, make the tropes more universal, not just unique to a particular tabletop RPG.



Possible Approaches

  • Focus on adventuring parties of heroes and make a world where they shine, while keeping it distinct from Zendikar's Indiana Jones / D&D adventure world.
    • Diablo-style dark fantasy, a dark world in a war against an underworld of Demons and Devils.
    • Add your adventuring-party-relevant world concept here!
  • Focus on one/some of the proposed mechanical themes such as Classes Matter, Gold Counters, or Level Up and make a world where they shine, without restricting it to adventuring parties.

Mechanical Themes

Major Creature Type Ideas

  • Elf (heroic - green)
  • Goblin (heroic - red)
  • Dwarf (heroic - white)
  • Gnome (heroic - blue)
  • Kobold (monster - red)
  • Kithkin (heroic - green, white, blue) [Mad Olaf's suggestion]

Individual Card Designs



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