Mondombre - Monsters / Dungeon

The Mondombre set is a dungeon-crawling experience. While there are a band of heroes traversing the dangers of the dungeon, we need to define the monsters and the dungeon as well! The monsters or the dungeon or both should be given a strong mechanical representation. This is the weakest of the set's design and needs the most help for creating the dungeon-crawling experience.

Kobolds in Dungeons and Dragons are popular enough and, since they've already existed in Magic: The Gathering long ago, I believe this is the right time to bring them back. However, Goblins still have their place. In fact, Goblins, just like how they are in Zendikar as Allies, can be on the heroes side as red creatures alongside green elves, white dwarves, and blue gnomes.

A concern I have for the dungeon aspect is that Traps, found in the Zendikar block, feel at home representing the dungeon. Since we are already returning Level up, we should steer clear of this mechanic and we may also lessen the focus on the fact that the dungeon is attacking us. The monsters can represent the threats to the heroes and the dungeon's labyrinth feel can be touched upon instead.

Mechanical Executions of Monsters

Monsters Card Designs

Charging Kobold R
Creature - Kobold Berserker
Charging Kobold gets +1/+0 for each other Kobold you control.

Mechanical Executions of the Dungeon

Dungeon-Feel Card Designs


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