Seas Of Higaro Round 2 Proposal By Ben Nassau

I'm submitting my idea for Seas of Higaro. But first, some story discussion. Here are my ideas:

I think Seas of Higaro should be not as much Waterworld so much as 1492. Rather than focus on the Sea (which I understand is a big part of it), make it prevalent but not huge. That way we don't just have to make blue cards and somewhat blue cards. On that, my submission is all red.

Plot: People lived happily on the continent of Rinsk. They became happier still when a ship sent out by Queen Dahlia, the monarch of Rinsk, discovered a brand new continent. With the new land, named Tefya, came new chances for many a sailor or citizen. But something strange happened when the Queen's best soldier Captain Turlocke returned from Tefya. Something in him snapped, and he stole one of Queen Dahlia's precious heirlooms, said to contain tremendous power. Before he could be captured, he had already set sail for the New World where rumor has it he is amassing an army of followers to take over the continent. As such, the Queen has offered a massive reward for whosoever can capture Turlocke and return her heirloom in one piece. Many a man has jumped at the chance. But the task will not be easy. Pirates abound in the Higaro Sea and no one knows what kind of wild beasts and danger roam Tefya.

I have ideas for more characters if we get farther than this. One you will need to know: Scarblood, the Ocean's Blight. A zombie pirate (because badass), he roams the sea conscripting sailors and claiming booty.

I would also like Dack Fayden (the greatest thief in the Multiverse!) to make an appearance, also searching for the heirloom.

With that out of the way, cards:

Fervid Pioneer
Creature - Human Warrior
When Fervid Pioneer enters the battlefield, explore 3. (Look at the top 3 cards of your library. You may reveal a land card from among them and put it into your hand. Then put the rest on the bottom of your library.)
“I’ll get that heirloom back for Queen Dahlia if I have to waste every monster and pirate to do it!”

This is how I believe explore should be implemented; look at cards, put a land in hand, put the rest away. Explore 3 is deep enough in a game of 40 card Limited decks that you should consistently hit a land and not whiff. I'll admit, whiffing with explore is gonna hurt. 2 doesn't feel deep enough and 4 starts to mimic scry almost.

This is a Rinsk sailor on Tefya, searching.

What do we do with all these lands though? Well…

Goblin Pathcutter
Creature - Goblin Berserker
Trailblaze - Whenever Goblin Pathcutter attacks, you may pay 1R. If you do, it gains first strike until end of turn.
"At least the stench of goblins is familiar" - Oren, Tefyan explorer

Trailblaze! An adventuring flavor in which seeking out new territory (by means of attacking) rewards you with all kinds of goodies. I feel like this flavor can be used on seafaring ships as well as people searching a continent. I'm keeping it initially as "when this creature attacks, pay mana. If you do, it enhances this card". At higher rarities it can start affecting other cards or even spells. A blue creature that lets you draw a card? Strong (though not broken). A black creature that lets you kill a creature? Really strong (though Grimgrin does it for free). A white creature that Congregates? Probably a little too powerful (though…no that's probably way too much life). We can fiddle with creature's casting cost as well as its trailblaze cost in terms of power level. It'll be interesting to see when a small guy suicides into a bigger one just for the trailblaze effect.

This card went through a lot of changes. It was originally a 2/1 with trailblaze 2R for first strike, but I got a little squeezed on my mana costs and I wanted some variety. First strike reads a little oddly on a 1/1, but I think it does the job admirably.

This is a Tefyan native. So is the next one:

Tefyan Bonemuncher
Creature - Giant
Trailblaze - Whenever Tefyan Bonemuncher attacks, you may pay 2RR. If you do, it can't be blocked this turn except by two or more creatures.
The bonemunchers didn’t mind the sudden influx of explorers so much as the way they tasted.

This one started with the trailblaze effect. I wanted to see what kind of a common creature I could put it on. I think the RR in the trailblaze cost keeps this from being too oppressive.

So, trailblaze uses unspent mana to encourage attacking. But I don't just want to make whoever has more mana more likely to win. Plus, with more combat happening than usual, I wanted to add some kind of keyword that could be a spell mechanic as well as go on creatures. With that I present:

Scarblood's Marauders
Creature - Human Pirate
Ambush 1R (You may cast this for its ambush cost if a creature blocked this turn.)
When Scarblood's Marauders enters the battlefield, you may have it deal 1 damage to target creature.
The Blight's crew is not known for playing fair.

Ambush! I seriously considered having this just key off your own creatures blocking, even though that would restrict it to instants and creatures with flash. In the end, I figured more design space was the better place to start and we'll see if we need all that much space. The second big debate I had with this card was whether or not I wanted it to say "if the ambush cost was paid" like Latchkey Faerie. I figure that space can be mined elsewhere, maybe at higher rarities. I also want to find a better phrasing; "if this creature ambushed" sounds weird without a subject and "if you ambushed this creature" sounds like the opposite of what the flavor intends. In retrospect, is it all that surprising that a pirate mechanic is almost the exact opposite of the ninja mechanic ninjutsu? Having said that. this is a mechanic that can go on pirates or soldiers or just about anything.


Geyser Blast
Ambush R (You may cast this for its ambush cost if a creature blocked this turn.)
Geyser Blast deals 3 damage to target creature or player.
Many reckless scouts weren't ready for the surprises the Tefyan Wilds threw at them.

This might be pushing the power level, but I think that the fact that it's a sorcery helps keep it balanced, if strong.

This is another card representing Tefya. Again, I wanted to show that with my story not every card has to be a seafaring pirate.


Stone Barrage
Target creature gets +1/+0 for each Mountain you control until end of turn.
The smartest explorers adapted the weapons that the new continent threw at them.

A flavorful card that encourages more exploring (the mechanic). I'm still not super happy with the flavor text, but it gets the idea across.

This card creates some nice tension with "do I play it early to get rid of a blocker or save it as a pseudo-burn spell in the late game". I expect it will reliably give anywhere from +2 to +5 with makes for some nice variance. Also interesting: the more this card costs the "more powerful" it becomes.

I really want a common firebreather in this set with "1R: ~ gets +2/+0 until end of turn" as a mana sink, but I didn't want to overload on creatures and basic red abilities.

I also wonder if we should bring back Landfall. If it fits the set and we're only avoiding it because it's been used before, then we should absolutely consider it. If not then fine.

I think that's all I got. :D If you have any questions, feel free and email me.

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