The Holy Trinity Of Duel, Gold Counters, and Eldrazi

I have never seen a set of mechanics that look like they work so well together that they are almost guaranteed to be fun unless development does something seriously wrong.

Duel and Eldrazi:
The duel mechanic I'm thinking of is "Duel an opponent. (Each player in the duel draws a card, then permanently reveals an unrevealed card from hand. A player who revealed a card with higher converted mana cost wins the duel.)"
The revealed card stays revealed while it's in your hand, so you can't reveal it again.

The duel mechanic allows you to play Eldrazi cards in your deck because:

  • Even when you can't cast an Eldrazi card, you can use its high CMC to win duels.
  • It causes both players to draw a card. If multiple duels regularly occur during a game, it helps players to keep dropping lands at a rate of one land per turn for longer than usual.

The duel mechanic also creates scary and exciting tension when players draw Eldrazi cards, because it makes it likely that the Eldrazi cards in hand will be revealed some time before they are cast.

Gold and Eldrazi:
The Gold cards I'm thinking of are like this:

Bank Robber 3R
Creature - Viashino Rogue
Whenever ~ deals damage to a player, you gain a gold counter.

There could be a mini-game around accumulating gold. The mechanic doesn't have to be used on cards that grant you gold automatically like the Drones in Rise of the Eldrazi automatically granting Eldrazi Spawn tokens. Instead, you have to fight for the Gold — for example, you might spend card resources to get this guy through, while the opponent might spend resources to block it. This race for Gold would become more exciting if there was an Eldrazi to cast in your hand as a reward — and also if the other player knew about your Eldrazi because it was revealed in a duel.

- Chah

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