Problem: White and Green are the only Colors that destroy Enchantments

"MaRo has said on his Tumblr, "Enchantment set: it's not a matter of if but when". However, he's also pointed out that one of the biggest problems with the enchantment set is that the colours that like enchantments are the same as those that hate enchantments: green and white. Red and black are prohibited from destroying them, and it'd be pretty odd for blue, red or black to care positively about enchantments."

"…I also like red as the trickster colour that moves attachments around. An Aura version of Magnetic Theft (i.e. a colourshifted Enchantment Alteration into red) seems just fine to me." — comments by AlexC, from comment section of Sophorgia pitch

Blue can bounce, counter, and control enchantments. It can also bounce enchanted creatures to kill the Aura.

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