Tweaks To The Theme

Adhering directly to D&D isn't going to resonate with enough people, and Zendikar's already covered the broader adventure world. This page is for the discussion of other ways to adjust Mondombre's theme into a workable form. Please clearly delineate between different ideas with underscores like those below.

Diablo-style heroes standing against the darkness.

This theme takes us partway between Zendikar and Innistrad. There are horrors of the night, but this is no horror block. Rather we see adventurer's standing against the tide of darkness. Where Avacyn Restored showed glorious victory, here we find grizzled and outmatched lightweilders standing against demonic hordes that are every bit as terrifying.

World background:

Evil was defeated long ago, but it just never seems to stay dead, does it? The world is in peril, and now more than ever it needs its heroes. Who will take up the mantle? And more importantly, how can they possibly stand a chance against the forces of Hell?

Originally I wanted to adjust the teamwork concept by Metalcraft for Humans rather than counting different classes, but given the Demons and standalone nature of the set, it probably needs more to distance it from AVR.

The demonic side is more easily established. Killing goes on everywhere, so what makes these being terrifying? They eat the corpses:
Consume—Whenever a creature dealt damage by ~ this turn dies, do something.

The problem is that these creatures simply aren't going to be blocked. I've seen a lot of proposals for Provoke here, but it plays too similarly to Fight, so I took a different approach.

Entice (Whenever ~ attacks, target creature must be blocked this turn if able.)

This way the mechanic doesn't have to show up on the same cards to be beneficial and the opponent still gets to make decisions.

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